CHPM Profile

Welcome to the Center for Health Policy and Management

The Center for Health Policy and Management (CHPM) was established on 5 February 1998. CHPM is a research and consultation center under the structure of Universitas Gadjah Mada Faculty of Medicine. CHPM conducts research, consultation, networking, advocacy & dissemination, and training based on the four main pillars: service provision, regulation, health financing and human resource development. This framework is applied in conducting activities for both public and private service provider institutions, bureaucratic/ government organizations, building collaboration with various universities and international organizations, and organizing seminar, training, research & dissemination and workshop in health service management.

As part of a national networking, CHPM works closely and supports district hospital association, hospital association, private hospital association, provincial/ district health office association, NGOs, quasi-government organizations, and other associations in health service management. We also have a wide range of network in the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Home Affairs, Provincial Governments, and District Governments. Due to our attachment to the University and Graduate School of Public Health, we also have more than 3000 alumni across the country; some of them are District Mayors, and many more holding key positions in the local and central Government. These alumnies are still in close contact and willing to collaborate with us.

Results from consultation and research project activities are also disseminated through the Health Decentralization newsletter, mailing groups, and the Indonesian Health Service Management journal (nationally accredited journal) and International Journal publication.