Division and Unit

Hospital Management Division

Hospital management division provides technical assistances for the health providers and their stakeholders in various aspects of hospital managements (strategic, human resources management, financial and accounting managements, operational management, marketing management, management information system),  developing an integrated Hospital management system, etc.

Public Health Policy and Management Division
This division is a partner for the policy-maker institution in the international, national and regional level to shape the health policy. It focuses on the research activity and technical assistances in the form of Consultancy, Advocacy and Training.

Quality Management Division
To improve the health service quality in Indonesia, the CHSM Quality Management Division of Medical School UGM also provides research and consultancy/ assistance services in the field of health service quality improvement. Further, this Division also provides socialization services of the research and consultancy results through a seminar/ workshop/ training.

Disaster Management Division
The vision is to formulate the concept of disaster management in the health sector and its implementation, while the mission is to develop a national concept of disaster management in the health sector which includes all levels of society and its socializations, realizations, evaluations and developments. The products of the Division are Consultation, Study/Research, Training/ Workshop/ Seminar/ In-house training, such as Regional Disaster Plan, Hospital Disaster Plan, Training on the Emergency Patient Management, and etc.

Supporting Units

1. Leadership and Communication Laboratory Unit

The Leadership and Communication Laboratory holds various trainings to improve the communication skill because the communication is a skill that can be improved. Currently, in Indonesia, there is no center of health workers education and training that develops integrated leadership and communication ability across various leaders in the health sector.

2. Seminar Unit

- Activity (in-Country)

The activities are the Seminar and the Workshop. A seminar is a supporting activity to socialize new concepts and results dissemination. A workshop is specific for skills-enhancement training.

- Activity Abroad (International Cooperation Program).
Activity of the comparative study is focused on learning the regional health system and policy, comparative studies, etc.

3. Publication of the Health Service Management Journal

We publish the outcomes of academic research from the Post-Graduate Program, Public Health Study Program, etc

4. Websites

These supporting units are to publish the results of regional reports as well as reports on CHSM activities. The websites that have been developed are as follows:

- Center for Health Service Management- www.chpm.fk.ugm.ac.id
- Indonesian Healthcare Quality Network (IHQN) – www.ihqn.org
- Health Decentralization in Indonesia – www.desentralisasi-kesehatan.net
- Health Policy in Indonesia – http://kebijakankesehatanindonesia.net
- Public Private Partnership for Health -http://public-private-health.net
- Medical Education - http://pendidikankedokteran.net
- MNCH Investment - http://mnch-investment.net
- MNCH Quality in NTT  – http://mutu-ntt.net
- Regional and Hospital Disaster Plan - http://bencana-kesehatan.net
- Surveillance Response - http://surveilans-respon.org
- Hospital Management - http://manajemenrumahsakit.net